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Literary inspirations to travel

I was intrigued by a recent story in the NY Times about literature that inspires people to travel.  The newspaper polled authors for titles that have aroused their wanderlust. It got me to thinking about books I’ve read that fit into that category.  Not travel narratives, for they are meant to invoke dreams of the road, but other literature that makes one want to […]

The future, what’s that?

Very interesting story in this morning’s news about a Stone Age-like tribe of hunter-gatherers that left the jungle behind and wandered into a Colombian city.  The article is interesting for its descriptions of the indigenous Nukak tribe’s collision with the modern world, but my favorite quote was the one that pointed out a very different conception […]

Easter Island journeys

There is something both enchanting and sad about the ruins of lost cultures and cities.  Macchu Picchu in Peru, the temples of Angkor in Cambodia, the city of Ephesus in Turkey.  But even as we struggle to understand how these societies decayed with such finality after reaching such heights of achievement, it’s still hard not to marvel at these monuments […]

A Russian looks at the British

A recently released novel by a Russian writer provides insights into British culture.  Andrei Ostalski has been living in Britain for 14 years but confesses that he still struggles to understand the cultural differences.  So he wrote a story (“The English Rules”) that contains some of his reflections.  In an interview with the English-language Moscow […]

Expats drawn to Mexico

Anyone who hasn’t been asleep or on a silent retreat for the past month hasn’t been able to avoid the protests and debates over the immigration issue in the U.S., particularly as it relates to immigration from Mexico.  But what is less talked about is traffic that goes in the other direction.  Mexico has long been a […]

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