A Russian looks at the British

Cultural Insights — By on May 4, 2006 at 1:49 pm

A recently released novel by a Russian writer provides insights into British culture.  Andrei Ostalski has been living in Britain for 14 years but confesses that he still struggles to understand the cultural differences.  So he wrote a story (“The English Rules”) that contains some of his reflections.  In an interview with the English-language Moscow Times, he shares a few observations.  Such as:

“You need to keep your distance all the time, you mustn’t peer into another person’s soul,” Sashok tells a visitor to Britain. “A Russian finds it hard without that sometimes.”


“Love for your country, a mother’s duty, the need to observe personal hygiene — all that is open to discussion and even criticism. But you mustn’t touch two things: a cup of tea and the Queen,” Sashok says.

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