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Sure, a round-the-world trip can sound daunting.  But it can done more cheaply than you might imagine, and a few months (or more) on the road and away from home is a great way to reinvigorate yourself while having a few adventures and discovering a thing or two about our planet. 

Now, the NY Times seems to have discovered the benefits of such a journey.  They sent one of their reporters on a three-month trip that went from southern Europe to the Balkans, through Turkey and Georgia, and then into central Asia and China.  The result was a print and online series called “The Frugal Traveler Sees the World,” complete with tips for a do-it-yourself adventure.

On May 11, I’d left my home in New York City to circle the globe as the Frugal Traveler, seeking high adventure on a low budget. Over the course of 96 days, I covered more than 21,000 miles, sprinting through 12 countries and some 36 cities … I chronicled my adventures (and misadventures): I wrote about escaping crowds in Venice and tending apple trees in Turkey; drinking Montenegrin mountain wine and riding the rails through China; and, along the way, sharing strategies for traveling on the cheap.

If you want to read about my own personal experience with round-the-world travel, you can check out the blog I maintained last year during a trip that I took with my wife, Lisa.  Or, if you want additional resources, you can go to Rolf Potts’ website, or read his book Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel.

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