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Hope everyone enjoyed a nice holiday weekend.  Now that it’s a new year, it’s time for some people to consider new travel destinations. How about Vietnam?  David Abel wrote for the Boston Globe about his recent trip to Hanoi.

There, he and his girlfriend explored the city…

Merchants pack narrow sidewalks, hawking everything from socks and roses to shoelaces and warm baguettes . … We devour a $3 spread of noodles, vegetables, fried rice, and fruit juice. We pass rickshaw peddlers, sidestep motorbikers selling rides, and ignore touts pushing “massages” and forged copies of “Lonely Planet” guides . We watch a water-puppet show, a bizarre poolside opera with fireworks and ear-splitting arias.

And nearby Halong Bay…

Gliding over the glassy water, an otherworldly horizon suddenly reveals itself: a forest of giant limestone outcroppings, or karsts, and ancient rocks of all possible shapes, which erupt through the sea like moss-covered sculptures.  Between meals and visits to caves, we swim in the smooth, cold water, glide over it in a kayak, and spend hours staring as the sun sets and the emerald expanse turns from lime to jade.

The Globe story includes a photo show.  Or, you can also read about my own experiences in Vietnam in 2005.

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