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From Indian philosophy to Western business

Can the ancient Indian philosophy of Vedanta be of help to high-powered modern businesspeople? Many seem to think so, at least according to this Time magazine article about Swami Parthasarathy, an 80-year-old spiritual teacher from India who has been making a living and a name for himself as a business consultant. An excerpt from the story: The […]

Is Nicaragua the new Costa Rica?

That’s what was suggested in this recent NY Times travel article, in which Jeff Koyen wrote about the charms of this small country, and in particular the city of Granada. Koyen beleves Nicaragua is on its way to becoming another popular Central American travel destination – and one that is, for the moment at least, more inexpensive than neighboring […]

Travels in Afghanistan

Tourists are not exactly abundant in Afghanistan these days. But that didn’t stop Cassie Biggs from organizing a trip there as a single Western woman. And not only did she go to Afghanistan, but she also had an amazing travel experience there, which she recounted in this Associated Press article. I’m at least 40 minutes into […]

Finding oneself on Easter Island

Some of the better travel writing on the internet can be found in the Dispatches section of World Hum. The site’s most recent story has Catherine Watson writing about a period of time that she spent on Easter Island. An excerpt: By the time I got to the South Pacific, I was in my early 30s, and I’d […]

Rajasthan with a nine-year-old

Rajasthan has a reputation as one of the stars of the Indian travel circuit. There are vibrant colors, stunning desert landscapes, camel treks and lively bazaars. Amanda Jones recently embarked on a visit to Rajasthan, but with a twist – she made the journey with her nine-year-old daughter and then wrote about the experience for the Los Angeles Times. […]

Southeast Asia’s most romantic town

That would be Luang Prabang, Laos. At least according to Tim Patterson, who wrote an article for the San Francisco Chronicle about his experiences there. Here is an excerpt: My first hour in Luang Prabang was magical. The electricity was out, and in every wooden house, market stall and temple window, townspeople were lighting candles. […]

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