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Culture and elections

Kenya has erupted into violence after a disputed election. The Pakistani political party of Benazir Bhutto has named her 19-year-old son as the party’s new leader.  This post is not meant to judge the politics of other countries. After all, the U.S. faced some problems of its own with a hotly disputed election seven years ago and, as Andrew Sullivan notes, we’re […]

Tribalism and democracy in Kenya

Tribalism is an inescapable undercurrent of life throughout much of Africa and the Middle East. And, as this Washington Post article notes, one’s tribal loyalties have also played a significant role in democratic elections in Kenya, even though many voters deny it is an issue. Although many issues are at stake in Kenya’s presidential election Thursday […]

Chinese business schools integrate East and West

Business schools in China are growing by leaps and bounds, with more programs and a significant increase in the number of international students, according to this article in Business Week. The expatriate students are there to gain a better understanding of the Chinese business world, which they gain not only with on-the-ground experience in the country but also […]

The Mayan temples of Tikal

Most everyone knows about the Mayan temples at Chichén Itzá, Mexico, which aren’t far from the tourist playgrounds of Cancun. But the Mayans left an even more impressive complex at Tikal in Guatemala, which is lesser known only because it is more remote and less touristed. Ethan Todras-Whitehill, however, went to Tikal recently and reported on his experience […]

How religious culture influences science

John Tierney wrote a fascinating article recently for the NY Times about the role that culture and religion play in determining scientific beliefs and practices. The story focuses specifically on biotechnology, and about the different approaches taken by Asian and Western cultures on issues like stem-cell research and genetic engineering. While critics on the right and […]

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