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Travel spurs creativity

Need another reason to travel? Because it spurs inspiration and creativity… The reason travel spurs inspiration is the stimulus, said Jeannine McGlade, co-author of “Stimulated! Habits to Spark Your Creative Genius at Work.” “When you’re in a new environment, you have what we call ‘eyes wide open,’ ” she said. “It’s not the ‘same old, same […]

Riel World photo – Patagonia, Argentina


Puerto Moreno Glacier, Argentina A few days ago I had a post about the popularity of Buenos Aires. Of course, there is a lot more to Argentina than that one city. When Lisa and I were there in 2006, we spent some time in the stunningly beautiful region of Patagonia. Not far from the small […]

New democracy born in Himalayas

This past week saw a unique event in the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, as residents trekked to the polls for the first time in the country’s history at the behest of the king, who voluntarily decided to give up royal power in order to move his country towards a democratic future. The Washington Post has […]

American baseball in Japan

Baseball season begins today, with a season-opening game in Tokyo between the Boston Red Sox and the Oakland Athletics. For American fans of these teams, the season begins at the ungodly hour of somewhere between 3 a.m. (West coast) and 6 a.m. (East coast). Still, it’s always an exciting day for fans, and the Japanese twist […]

Riel World photo – Angkor Wat, Cambodia


Siem Reap, Cambodia A Buddhist monk walks between the columns of the temple of Angkor Wat.

Baseball, poetry and Nicaragua

I came across an interesting recent blog entry on Blog Critics Magazine in which Terence Clarke reminisced about a two-decade-old journey to Nicaragua and what he learned about that country and its love affair with baseball. “Baseball is a poem,” my companion said. I looked out the bus window….My companion’s sentiment was similar to one […]

Can women leaders move beyond war?

Interesting story in the Christian Science Monitor about female leaders from 45 countries who met in India last week to mark International Women’s Day and to discuss a feminine style of leadership that they believe could help move the world beyond war. She is one of several hundred prominent female leaders from 45 countries who […]

Why does Finland excel at education?

That’s what the Wall Street Journal asked in a recent article, which noted that Finland placed first overall among 57 countries who recently tested their 15-year-olds in reading, math and science. This despite the fact that there is little standardized testing in Finland and very little in the way of assigned homework. High-school students here rarely get more […]

Working with the Japanese

It’s always a challenge for an individual to fit into the work culture of a new country. The NY Times recently profiled Heidi Manheimer and asked about her experiences as an American working for the Japanese cosmetics company Shiseido. Here is some of what she had to say: Shiseido is a large, old, conservative Japanese company […]

History of chocolate

If you like chocolate, you might want to check out this recent feature in Smithsonian Magazine called “A Brief History of Chocolate.” There are quite a few delectable facts about the history of this incredibly popular treat. A sample: When most of us hear the word chocolate, we picture a bar, a box of bonbons, or a […]

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