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Stop crying, you’re British

You’ve heard about the British penchant for the stiff upper lip and their disdain for unseemly displays of emotion. But you wonder how true it really is. After all, we live in an age of emotion. People bare their souls on reality television shows and Facebook pages every day. Old habits, though, die hard. The […]

Seeing Vietnam with children

Most people would consider Vietnam a difficult enough country to visit on one’s own, never mind with 10- and 7-year-old children. But Cathryn Prince and her husband did just that, and she wrote about the experience for the Christian Science Monitor. When I told friends that my husband and I planned to travel to Vietnam […]

Varieties of hot chocolate in Latin America

This is the time of year that people’s thoughts turn to steaming mugs of hot chocolate during chilly evenings at home. So I was pleased to stumble across this story about the history of hot chocolate in Latin America. This region is arguably the home of hot chocolate, which was once sipped in a more bitter […]

Experience is happiness

I love this blog post that was published recently on Vagabonding. It references a study on happiness which indicates that life experiences lead to greater happiness than do material possessions. Here is Scott Gilbertson’s take on the topic: According to a recent study, using money to achieve life experiences — like traveling — leads to greater […]

“We don’t follow time”

So says a nomadic guide to Joe Ray, who wrote a nice article for the Boston Globe about his experience trekking the Sahara in southern Algeria. The piece captures the harsh beauty of the desert as well as the unique culture of the Touareg nomads who live in the region. The author on the desert: Desert […]

Seven favorite cafe cities

tango dancers at a Buenos Aires cafe

There is something to be said for the cafe culture that has developed over decades or centuries in some other countries, so here is a compilation of my favorite international cafe cities.

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