Seeing Vietnam with children

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Most people would consider Vietnam a difficult enough country to visit on one’s own, never mind with 10- and 7-year-old children. But Cathryn Prince and her husband did just that, and she wrote about the experience for the Christian Science Monitor.

When I told friends that my husband and I planned to travel to Vietnam with our two young children, I received many surprised looks. They couldn’t understand why we’d want to visit a tropical country in the height of summer – a place where you’re cautioned to brush your teeth with bottled water…

But we remained undeterred about our trip. Sure, we had concerns about the flights, the food, and even fatigue, but leaving Nathan, 10, and Zoë, 7, at home never entered our minds. Overall, we found Vietnam to be incredibly child-friendly…

Despite our planned itinerary, Nathan and Zoë had their best cultural connections when we weren’t following a strict agenda – such as when Zoë got up close and personal with a villager’s python in the Mekong Delta, or when Nathan carried an elderly woman’s wares in the Hoi An market. More than any museum or palace, these moments linked our children to this land and its people.

As we were told, few travel here with young children, but if you do, it will be well worth it. Even though Zoë began to yearn for soft-serve ice cream like that found at home, she also relished the memory of eating an incredibly tender elephant fish wrapped in rice paper in the Mekong Delta.

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