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America’s most walkable neighborhoods

Do you know your neighborhood’s walk score? I recently came across a fascinating website called Walk Score – it ranks America’s most walkable cities and enables you to find the “walk score” for your own neighborhood. Simply enter your address and it will create a map of all the stores, restaurants, schools, parks and libraries within walking distance […]

Debating culture and tourism in Bali

It’s the eternal paradox of tourism. We travel to see exotic places and cultures, allegedly unspoiled by modern influences, and yet the very act of traveling there contributes to the despoiling of the native culture or the natural landscape. In an effort to investigate tourism’s impact on one of the world’s more unique cultures, John Bowe […]

Rick Steves – From Iran to Salon

Rick Steves may be famous for his European travel guides, but he’s also a huge proponent of going beyond the tourist trail and using travel as a means to learn about oneself and the world. He went to Iran a while back in order to produce a documentary about that country and recently caught up with […]

More great cafe cities

If you recall, I recently wrote about some of my favorite cafe cities around the world. Well, now World Hum has come out with the very same story. Hmmm, maybe I should have submitted my idea there first? In any case, they have an intriguing list that includes some overlap with my choices (Rome, Vienna and Buenos […]

Exotic Marrakesh

Marrakesh. The name conjures up images of winding souks, ancient palaces, desert winds, and perhaps even a snake charmer or two. It’s an exotic destination, even more so when you’re visiting with your 11- and 12-year-old children. That’s what Jennifer Conlin and her husband did recently, and their experience is beautifully recounted in this travel article. […]

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