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You’re gearing up to do some extensive traveling. You’ve got the time and the money. Where to go? Europe, Asia, Latin America? What about the islands of the Pacific? It’s a region that many people never really consider, but Gary Arndt wasn’t one of them. As he explains in a recent story he wrote for Indie Travel Podcast, the Pacific was the first region he headed to when he began his round-the-world journey and he found it to be “one of the most wonderful, and under-explored, places on Earth.” Here is an excerpt from his story describing a few of his favorite Pacific island destinations:

Palau – Palau is one of the smallest countries in the world with only 20,000 citizens. Yet, it has over 18 states, all of which have their own license plates. Palau has the some of the best diving in the world in the rock island of Korror. What Palau is perhaps most famous for is the Jellyfish Lake. In the middle of some of the rock islands are salt water lakes connected to the ocean through fissures in the rock. Thousands of years ago jellyfish were caught in the lakes and evolved away their stingers due to a lack of predators. Today you can swim with the jellyfish and they are totally harmless!

Pohnpei, Micronesia –If there is one place I’d describe as a hidden travel destination, it would be Micronesia, in particular the island of Pohnpei. It is a very difficult place to get to. The only flights are between Hawaii and Guam. It is probably the most beautiful island I’ve ever been to and is the home of one of the best, unknown ancient ruins in the world: Nan Modal. I describe Nan Modal as a cross between Macchu Picchu and Venice. It is made of stone with canals between all the structures. Aside from the history and mystery of Nan Modal, Pohnpei is just flat-out beautiful. The tropical fruit, flowers, the lagoon and the people make it a truly wonderful place.

Gary picks out six islands as being among his favorite Pacific destinations. Check out the rest of them in his article.

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