Take a road trip through Cold War history

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If you have any interest in learning more about the Cold War, or the dawn of the nuclear age, there are now a number of locations open to tourists that represent that period in history. From museums to sites that once functioned as missile or nuclear testing grounds, a window has been opened into an historic time. In fact, a number of these sites are located in the neighboring Southwestern states of New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada, which makes it possible to construct a unique road trip through an era of 20th century history.

I recently created a road trip through some of this Cold War history, which takes you to an underground Titan Missile complex in Arizona, the site of the first nuclear test in New Mexico, the headquarters site of the World War II-era Manhattan Project, and museums dedicated to nuclear history. You can read my description of the journey here, and use this Google map to follow along or to plot your own version of this trip.

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