Who needs oceans when there are so many great lakes?

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Nearly everyone enjoys a trip to the ocean. The sound of the surf, the smell of the salt air, the view stretching out to the horizon. But the ocean isn’t the only place one can enjoy a water vacation. There are lakes, as well. And the Brilliant Trips website ran an interesting feature a while back on some of the most unique and fascinating lakes around the world. They came up with a list of 10 lakes, including these:

Lake Atitlan, GuatemalaLake Atitlan, in the Guatemalan highlands, is said to be the deepest lake in Central America at up to 340 meters. It fills much of the Atitlan Caldera and is flanked by three volcanoes on the south end making for a spectacular scene, especially at sunrise and sunset. What’s also special about this lake is that it is dotted with Mayan villages along the lakefront. Each village is unique as evidenced by each village’s unique pattern and vibrant colors of their textiles as well as their unique traditions. You can visit the different villages by boat across the lake; a peaceful journey with views of local Mayan fisherman along the water’s edge.

The Dead Sea, Isreal and Jordan – The Dead Sea is actually an endorheic lake. This means the lake is landlocked with no outlet. Mineral salts are carried to the lake by rivers and the only way water escapes is by evaporation. Evaporation happens so quickly here due to the climate, thus causing the extreme buildup of saline. Animal and plant life cannot survive in the lake, yet visitors can certainly have a float on the surface. You’ll see many people reading while floating along the warm, coastal waters. Once home to several biblical cities, the Dead Sea is now sparsely populated. However, now, just as in historic times, the Dead Sea’s salts and minerals have been said to have healing powers. Therefore, the lake attracts many on pilgrimages in the name of health and well-being.

Lake Nakuru, Kenya Home to huge flocks of flamingos and tons of other wildlife, this lake is one of particular beauty. Just over 150 km from Nairobi, the Lake Nakuru is said to have over 1 million flamingos. The sheer numbers make the lake appear to have a bright, pink shoreline. This lake is one of great interest to scientists, birdwatchers and tourists alike. It is often included on Kenyan safari tours.

It’s quite a good list of interesting lakes, though I think I would have added Lake Titicaca in Peru and Bolivia to the list. What about you – any other fascinating lakes that should have been included?

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