Fascinating local markets around the world

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I love to wander through local markets in different countries. I enjoy the colors and smells and sounds, but most of all the window they provide into a different culture. The foods people eat, the products they shop for, the clothing they wear, the way they haggle (or don’t haggle) over prices. So I loved stumbling across this recent article on Brilliant Tips about interesting markets around the world. A few favorites:

Pushkar Camel Fair (India) – Each November before the full moon, thousands of people go to the banks of the Pushkar Lake in the holy city of Pushkar in the state of Rajastan, India to be a part of the amazing Pushkar Camel Fair. During the full moon days, a tented city is created adjacent to Pushkar Lake where people from around the globe cover the sand dunes to enjoy the festivities, trade livestock and handicrafts, participate in camel races and experience music, dance and drama. The colors, music and festivities of the annual Pushkar Camel Fair make for a magical experience that visitors are sure to never forget.

Tsukiji Fish Market (Tokyo, Japan) – The Tsukiji Fish Market is a wholesale market that handles the distribution of fish, fruit, vegetables, meat and flowers for metropolitan Tokyo. The market is the largest fish and seafood wholesale market in the world handling over 3,000 tons of 450 different types of seafood each day. The vibrant atmosphere of buyers and sellers running around, scooters buzzing by and forklifts loading trucks attracts tourists from around the world and has turned the Tsukiji Fish Market into a major tourist attraction.

San Telmo Antiques Fair(Buenos Aires, Argentina) – Known for its bohemian charm and historic appeal, the quaint and funky Buenos Aires barrio of San Telmo is full of energy every day. However, on Sundays, it truly comes to life. Every Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm, the Plaza Dorrego is home to the San Telmo Antiques Fair. To call this an antiques fair, or market, really doesn’t speak to what this event is. As you walk along the cobblestone streets among the antique sales, tango dancers perform and provide entertainment for the crowd and, once night falls, the fair evolves into a milonga (a street side dance party).

Check out the entire story for more unique international markets, including links to longer stories about each one.

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  1. Martyn50 says:

    The market that most struck me was in Aleppo, Syria. I was amazed at how little name-brand stuff could be found. Soap and textiles were locally made. It is fun to find markets that stand out. I imagine that my medieval favorites would have known much more variation in markets..

  2. I have always been fascinated by local markets. Last year I went to Palermo, Sicily and I went around its local markets which are so colourful and full of frish vegetables and fuit..it was just amazing!

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