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Have you ever dreamed about being location independent? That is, to be able to live and work from wherever you choose in the world? It’s a topic that is growing in popularity, as evidenced by this Location Independent website, or even by the number of hits the term generates in a Google search. Andy Hayes is a strong proponent of location independence, and he just wrote a nice article about the concept for Brazen Careerist.

Here is some of what he has to say about what location independence is and isn’t:

This is not about being an endless nomadic; it’s about finding a working style that suits you. This is not about entrepreneurialism; while owning your own business makes it quite easier, you can still roam a bit more freely while working for someone else…

The common feature of people working towards location independence is that they’re working on a life that works for them, not the other way around. Just because you are setup to work from the road doesn’t mean you travel 100%; I myself tend to alternate between periods on the road and then stints back at home base here in the UK. Yes – another myth – I have a home base, like many other location independent professionals do. You don’t have to live out of a suitcase if you don’t want to.

There are as many ways to be location independent as there are ways to be a 9-to-5’er (does anybody really work nine to five anyway?). Think about the characteristics or attributes of the life that you want, then find ways to make that happen.

Check out his full story here. By the way, Andy also runs the Sharing Travel Experiences website and a while back he ran an online interview with me. If you somehow missed that, you should check it out.

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