Driving through Namibia

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Namib Desert

Sand dunes in the Namib Desert

Namibia is not a country that gets a lot of tourist press, but it really should. It’s one of the more developed countries in Africa in terms of infrastructure, and it not only has tribal cultures and wildlife sightings for tourists, but also coastal towns, desert landscapes and some of the most stunning sand dunes in the world. Barney Lyons just wrote an article for BootsnAll about a driving tour of Namibia, which he says is both the best and cheapest way to see the country. Here is an excerpt from his story:

The Namib-Naukluft national park is one of the most stunningly unique and beautiful landscapes in the world. The park is larger than Switzerland, and at the Sesreim entrance contains a rustic and ancient looking landscape combining vast clay pans surrounded by towering sand dunes. The dunes themselves are a deep moody orange in colour, developed from the oxidization of the iron in the sand, testimony to the phenomenal age of the desert.

Driving through the massive clay pans … you may see gemsboks, hyenas, jackals and other animal riff-raff wandering lost through the planes. Look up and perhaps you might see a hot air balloon, a stunning way to experience the oldest desert in the world. The landscape is staggering and you won’t want the drive to end. When you finally reach Sossusvlei, its time to use your 4×4 for what it was really meant for and take it out to the dunes, slowly driving over open terrain on the white sands that lead to the location of the highest sand dunes in the world. You can then walk up the dunes without a horde of tourists in tow and experience the wonderful serenity of the desert for yourself from the top.

So now, liberated from the freedom and the vast expanse of the country, the world is your oyster. Drive to Etosha to see rhinos, lions, leopards and elephants; find the ghost town at Luderitz; raid the diamond mines on the Skeleton coast – you’re free to do what you want. Take a week, a month, six months; just kick back, relax and enjoy the open road. And when your time is up, and you’re back being crushed in the Jubilee line rush hour while the heady expanse of all that freedom, space and liberty is starting to become a faded memory; just breathe deeply, shut your eyes and think back to that stunning African expanse and escape in that moment once more to the beautiful savannahs of the land of open spaces.

Are you ready to book a trip to Namibia yet? Check out the full story for more descriptions of a driving tour through this unique nation.

Photo credit: Thomas Schoch via Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. Ken Shoufer says:

    Sounds like Namibia would be more reasonable in terms of price. I wonder how much it would cost to fly there from L.A?

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