Can you have both an adventurous life and a stable life?

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Where does your road lead?

It’s a great question, and it was posed by Nico Crisafulli in a piece he wrote for AirTreks. As he phrases the query:

How can we travel like we want and still maintain the nested, domestic life we spent most of our early days expecting, preparing for and nurturing.

The author suggests there are at least six means to this end. “At least to an extent.” Here are two of his suggestions:

Get a job in another country – This may be your best bet. International jobs place you where you’d otherwise be traveling, allowing full-immersion cultural experiences to happen every day and to feel as though you’re on the road without actually going anywhere. Weekend trips can be exotic excursions and a night dining out can be Cahill-worthy. Perhaps don’t even leave your company but work remotely. Many companies are now allowing this to save money. Find out if your employer allows for this and if so, jump on it.

Career break – I talked about this before but a career break may be just thing you needed, a sort of transitional awakening to show you what’s important in your life. You may discover that it wasn’t actually the crock pot you wanted all along. Plus, as we’ve been told, a career break doesn’t have to equal career suicide.

Or, as he notes, you could also:

Just. Let. Go. – Then there’s the other route – to open your mind and accept alternatives to the traditional. Of course this would be the more difficult option since it challenges long-standing belief systems forged over decades. Fortunately, the white-picket-fence lifestyle is getting pretty tired in the new age. The general attitude of the 2010s is choose for yourself what to do with your life not what tradition tells you.

It’s an interesting topic, and one that many of us have grappled with. Check out the entire article for more of his thoughts and suggestions.

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  1. Nico says:

    Thanks so much for spotlighting the post, Bob. It’s an important discussion to keep in mind and I think the more people who consider it when outlining their life path the more their minds will be changed.

    I loved a comment on the post by Garrett. He says, “Travel is always possible. ALWAYS.”

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