Poetry of travel: A cafe by the Red Sea

Poetry of Travel — By on October 13, 2010 at 7:22 pm

cafe in Dahab, Egypt

A scorching desert drive across Egypt’s otherworldly Sinai Peninsula has sucked the moisture from your skin, but as you descend from the jagged and dusty terrain a vision of an iridescent sapphire sea appears before you. It’s the Red Sea, actually, but it’s a glorious blue and there is a ribbon of sandy beach along its shores, with pinkish mountains jutting into the sky across the water. You navigate the haphazard streets of Dahab and tumble into an outdoor cafe that sits on the sand. There, reclining on a velvety cushion and nursing a drink, you gaze at the Bedouin boys leisurely walking the beach with their camels and you gulp the sweet salty aroma of the sea.

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