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Vietnamese cuisine

Vietnamese cuisine.

You’re a foodie and a traveler. You love to eat, you love to sample new dishes, and it’s difficult to imagine travel without food being an integral part of your experience. So which countries should be on your travel list? Italy? Without a doubt. France? Definitely. But what about Turkey, Ethiopia or Vietnam? Yes, those countries and others are included in this Tripbase piece about 10 top foodie travel destinations. I love this article for its diversity and its inclusion of under-the-radar food destinations. Here’s an excerpt:

Vietnam – My memories of Vietnam were untouched beaches on a Saturday and sailing into the arms of morning mist on a bus ride through the mountains. And the food. It’s not just all pho, but bánh bao (steamed bun stuffed with meat, mushroom, onion) or rice with clams, commonly served in Hue. My faves had to be the seafood hot pot I devoured in Nha Trang or sticky rice soaked in coconut milk found anywhere.  That’s a lot of yum factor.

Turkey – After witnessing a call to prayer at dawn or so, breakfast might include olives, tomatoes, bread and kaymak (slow boiled milk turned into a cream). A portal for civilizations, many cultures have made their mark on Turkey, but the one that lasted is the Ottoman Empire.  The Ottomans enjoyed fresh vegetables, nuts and yoghurt…My recommendations: eat a meze (an assortment of food served as an appetizer) or gorge on rice pudding at the Lale in Istanbul.

Check out the full story here and then, if you don’t have a trip on the docket in the near future, perhaps you should go get dinner at your favorite international restaurant.

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