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Welcome to Travels in the Riel World! My name is Bob Riel. I’m a writer who loves travel, politics, books, ideas, the ocean, the Red Sox … and coffee! This blog is a blend of my interests. Namely, life, travel and politics, which you see reflected in the three main categories of posts:

ALL ABOUT TRAVEL. Travel is fun. But for those who live to travel, it’s not just about fun. It’s about experiencing life, meeting people, learning about cultures, and discovering ourselves. Once we’ve traveled, we’re never quite the same. I focus on exploring the globe with some Riel World-specific twists, such as themed road trips, seven spectacular places, windows into culture and more. There is also a collection of my travel photographs.

LIFE, IDEAS AND WRITING. I love to read and am intrigued by the creative process. I enjoy conversing about ideas. And I’ve taken two sabbaticals for round-the-world trips, so I’m interested in the whole concept of lifestyle design.  All of this is wrapped into “Life, Ideas and Writing.” Sort of a cafe for ideas!

POLITICS AND HISTORY. I have a master’s degree in political science from Boston College and one of the topics I focused on there was the history of American presidential elections. In another life, I could have ended up as a teacher or a political journalist. In any case, I enjoy following politics, I enjoy history and I enjoy writing about these topics.

All of the blog content is original, with the exception of the “News of Note” sections (which are re-blogs of other interesting articles I’ve discovered). Whatever your interest here, I hope you’ll follow along and join in the conversation. Or connect with me elsewhere – I’m on Twitter,  Facebook and Instagram.


About Bob Riel


Author, travel writer, journalist and ghostwriter.

Articles: I’ve worked as a journalist for a daily newspaper and have published feature stories, travel articles and op-ed columns in a variety of print and online publications, including the Arizona Daily Star, Matador Travel, Trazzler, Boots ‘n All and others.

Travel writing: I wrote a travel memoir, Two Laps Around the World: Tales and Insights from a Life Sabbatical, and spent several years as the North American travel columnist for Examiner.com.

Ghostwriting: I was the ghostwriter for the New York Times’ bestselling book, The Heart-Led Leader, by Tommy Spaulding (Random House, 2015).

Cross-cultural writing: I also have a background in cross-cultural consulting and have written more than 70 country-specific manuals for use in corporate training.



There are so many places in the world I’m still aching to visit, but so far I’ve made it to 45 countries on six continents and to 48 U.S. states. Along the way, I’ve done two round-the-world trips during career breaks.

And, in case you’re wondering, I cannot pick my favorite place in the world. There are just too many of them. I love the streets and cafes of Paris, the divine light that rains down on the Greek islands, the Buddhist culture of Southeast Asia, the hospitality of the Jordanians and the Turks, the vibrant colors of Peru, the serenity of the Swiss Alps, the maddening unpredictability of India, the smell of blooming jacaranda trees in Buenos Aires. And on and on. The world is an astonishing place and we’re just lucky enough to be able to partake in some of its wonders.


Writing Samples

Samples of my writing can be found on the following pages:

Books – Read about my travel memoir, Two Laps Around the World.

Travel Writing – See published samples of my travel writing.

Cross-Cultural Writing – Learn about my background as a cross-cultural consultant and see samples of my work writing about cross-cultural topics for a business audience.


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