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Take a road trip through Cold War history

If you have any interest in learning more about the Cold War, or the dawn of the nuclear age, there are now a number of locations open to tourists that represent that period in history. From museums to sites that once functioned as missile or nuclear testing grounds, a window has been opened into an historic time. In […]

Best ways to experience a sunrise or sunset

Where in the world would you go to see the most spectacular sunset or sunrise? Better yet, where could you have an incredible travel experience while at the same time watching the sun rise or set in the sky? I just published an article on Matador Trips that reviews eight of the best places in […]

The ultimate baseball road trip

The summer road trip season is in full swing in the United States. So is baseball season. This is, therefore, a great time to combine these two American passions and plan a baseball road trip. Not just a jaunt to see a few games and stadiums, but a journey that enables you to explore the history of the sport […]

Take a road trip through literary New England

Americans love road trips, and Memorial Day is the traditional kickoff to the summer travel season. So many of the trips we take, though, are to visit national parks or beaches. These are classic journeys and there’s nothing at all wrong with them. But why confine yourself to a traditional road trip? With so many amazing sights and so many […]

Yes, botanical gardens in the desert

It’s difficult to shake the popular image of the desert as a barren, lifeless place, coated in sand and scorched by an unrelenting sun. Well, perhaps the part about the sun is true, at least during the summer months, but the desert of the American Southwest actually abounds with a surprising variety of plant life. […]

Press coverage for “Two Laps Around the World”

I have to take time for a bit of book promotion here, as there was some nice press coverage in today’s Arizona Daily Star newspaper about my travel memoir, Two Laps Around the World. It was the trip of a lifetime. Two trips, actually. In 2002, Bob Riel and Lisa Higgins, wed the year before, embarked […]

Two Laps Around the World

2007 has been a big year. I recently wrote about the birth of my first child. Now, I’m here with news about a different type of birth – that of my first book. Two Laps Around the World: Tales and Insights from a Life Sabbatical is now on the market. The book is about the experiences that […]

Appreciating geography

I had an op-ed piece published today in the Arizona Daily Star newspaper.  It concerns the importance of geography to a good education and the ways in which travel can help us to appreciate our place in a global community.  You can read the opinion piece here.

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