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Take a career break, help your career

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I’m a fan of taking life sabbaticals, or career breaks. So it’s always nice to read about the positive experiences that other individuals have had in taking time off from their career, whether to travel or engage in some other worthwhile activity. Michael […]

The ultimate baseball road trip

The summer road trip season is in full swing in the United States. So is baseball season. This is, therefore, a great time to combine these two American passions and plan a baseball road trip. Not just a jaunt to see a few games and stadiums, but a journey that enables you to explore the history of the sport […]

Lifestyle tips for anyone who wants to travel extensively

You want to do some extensive, long-term travel, but you just can’t imagine how to pay for it or manage it all. A couple of weeks ago, I referred you to an article by Nora Dunn on how to travel full time for surprisingly little money. Now we have more advice, this time from Dave Bouskill and Debra […]

Travel full time for surprisingly little money

Actually, for less than $14,000 per year. That’s what Nora Dunn promises you can do. The self-styled professional hobo, she recently wrote an article on how to travel full time for a whole lot less money than you’d think it would cost. This is how she introduces herself: I “retired” from the rat race at […]

Take a road trip through literary New England

Americans love road trips, and Memorial Day is the traditional kickoff to the summer travel season. So many of the trips we take, though, are to visit national parks or beaches. These are classic journeys and there’s nothing at all wrong with them. But why confine yourself to a traditional road trip? With so many amazing sights and so many […]

The secret to being a permanent tourist

Impossible you say? You need income, you need a home? Actually, there are a surprising number of people who live without the anchor of homes or jobs. They’ve found a way to essentially live on the road. Yes, to be a permanent tourist. Christopher Elliott, in his MSNBC travel column, recently profiled some of these individuals and provided a […]

Yes, botanical gardens in the desert

It’s difficult to shake the popular image of the desert as a barren, lifeless place, coated in sand and scorched by an unrelenting sun. Well, perhaps the part about the sun is true, at least during the summer months, but the desert of the American Southwest actually abounds with a surprising variety of plant life. […]

America’s most walkable neighborhoods

Do you know your neighborhood’s walk score? I recently came across a fascinating website called Walk Score – it ranks America’s most walkable cities and enables you to find the “walk score” for your own neighborhood. Simply enter your address and it will create a map of all the stores, restaurants, schools, parks and libraries within walking distance […]

Why reading matters

Today, Barack Obama is being inaugurated as the 44th president of the United States. Yesterday, though, there was a fascinating article in the NY Times about Obama’s reading habits. Written by the paper’s book critic, Michiko Kakutani, the piece explores how Obama has been shaped by the books he has read and, by extension, how books […]

Why the mind needs nature

I just came across an interesting article in the Boston Globe’s Ideas section. The main point of the piece is that our brains benefit from time in nature, which is something that fewer of us get these days because a majority of individuals reside in cities. “The mind is a limited machine,”says Marc Berman, a psychologist at […]

Sabbaticals and mini-retirements

Since I’ve long been an advocate of sabbaticals, I was intrigued to come across this article on the Brazen Careerist website. The piece is titled “10 Ways Generation Y Will Change the Workplace,” and sitting there at number four is – “We’ll Redefine Retirement.” How? Through a series of sabbaticals, or mini-retirements, throughout one’s lifetime. Retirement is […]

Press coverage for “Two Laps Around the World”

I have to take time for a bit of book promotion here, as there was some nice press coverage in today’s Arizona Daily Star newspaper about my travel memoir, Two Laps Around the World. It was the trip of a lifetime. Two trips, actually. In 2002, Bob Riel and Lisa Higgins, wed the year before, embarked […]

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