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Appreciating geography

I had an op-ed piece published today in the Arizona Daily Star newspaper.  It concerns the importance of geography to a good education and the ways in which travel can help us to appreciate our place in a global community.  You can read the opinion piece here.

Vacation culture

American workers and employers are beginning to recognize the benefits of having and using vacation time.  Part of this trend is driven by younger workers who value quality of life issues and a balance between work and personal time, according to an article in the Christian Science Monitor. Even so, the U.S. work culture is quite a […]

Expats drawn to Mexico

Anyone who hasn’t been asleep or on a silent retreat for the past month hasn’t been able to avoid the protests and debates over the immigration issue in the U.S., particularly as it relates to immigration from Mexico.  But what is less talked about is traffic that goes in the other direction.  Mexico has long been a […]

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