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Wintry travel experiences

northern lights

Winter offers some unique travel opportunities that aren’t available at other times of the year. Lonely Planet just published a list of seven favorite winterland marvels.

Literary pilgrimages

Shakespeare and Company bookshop

If you’re a traveler who loves books and reading, there are any number of sites to add to your list of dream destinations. Along those lines, BootsnAll recently suggested nine intriguing destinations for lovers of Western literature.

10 best ruins – famous and not-so-famous

Mesa Verde

Yahoo! Travel recently compiled a list of 10 of the best ruins around the world and it included some of the usual suspects, but also a few sites that are stunning in their own right but not quite as well known.

Cafes of Vietnam

vietnam coffee

If you enjoy drinking coffee and hanging out in cafes, Asia may not be the first place you’d consider as an ideal destination. But Vietnam is a pretty good under-the radar country for coffee and cafe lovers.

Cuisine and culture of Mexico

Mexican cuisine

Food is a wonderful window into a country’s culture. If you enjoy learning about a place through its cuisine then you’ll love this Frommer’s piece that takes a look at popular dishes in Mexico by region.

Myths, legends and travel destinations

Tibetan castle and landscape

Shambhala, Timbuktu, Zanzibar. The names roll off the tongue like poetry, but the stories and legends are so ingrained in the popular imagination that we sometimes can’t remember whether they are real destinations or myths. That’s why I enjoyed this recent Lonely Planet piece about “10 places of myth and legend.”

Travel destinations for food lovers

Vietnamese cuisine

You’re a foodie and a traveler. But do you have Turkey, Ethiopia or Vietnam on your travel list? Those under-the-radar countries and others are part of this interesting Tripbase article about 10 top travel destinations for food lovers.

Classic backpacker trails


What are some of the world’s classic backpacker trails? Lonely Planet has 10 suggestions, including a Banana Pancake Trail through Southeast Asia and an Istanbul to Cairo trek.

Most picturesque lakes in the world

Most picturesque lakes in the world

There are any number of stunning waterfront vistas in the world and they’re not all along ocean coastlines. Budget Travel and Yahoo just published their take on 10 of the world’s most beautiful lakes.

Talking travel and ‘Meet, Plan, Go!’ with Lillie Marshall

Lillie Marshall

If you’re a fan of career breaks and extended travel, or if you have even a bit of interest in those topics, then you should know about Meet, Plan, Go! And you should also know about Lillie Marshall.

Travel the world with these novels

novels about the world

If you like both reading and travel, then you’ll love this list I just came across of “100 novels that let you travel the world without leaving home.”

A beach for every season

Ko Lanta Yai Beach Thailand

It’s the height of summer in North America, so what better time to contemplate beaches? From the best beaches to swing a hammock to the best beaches around the world to visit by month.

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