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The Chinese and the Americans

The Chinese are busy with preparations for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.  Apparently, they are planning for every contingency in an effort to make an impression on the world.  According to this article in the International Herald Tribune, the government is even involved in a campaign to improve the manners of the Chinese people in […]

America within the Americas

There was an interesting column recently in the Los Angeles Times by Richard Rodriguez in which he discussed what he saw as the birth of a Latin American consciousness in the United States.  He suggested that in the future the U.S. was more likely to see itself as an integral part of the Americas.  Here is an […]

World Cup culture

It’s June – the month soccer/football fans around the world have been anxiously awaiting, for it means the start of World Cup ’06 (June 9).  With teams from 32 nations about to descend on Germany, it’s also a chance to look at how culture interacts with sports. In March, I wrote about this topic in connection […]

The future, what’s that?

Very interesting story in this morning’s news about a Stone Age-like tribe of hunter-gatherers that left the jungle behind and wandered into a Colombian city.  The article is interesting for its descriptions of the indigenous Nukak tribe’s collision with the modern world, but my favorite quote was the one that pointed out a very different conception […]

A Russian looks at the British

A recently released novel by a Russian writer provides insights into British culture.  Andrei Ostalski has been living in Britain for 14 years but confesses that he still struggles to understand the cultural differences.  So he wrote a story (“The English Rules”) that contains some of his reflections.  In an interview with the English-language Moscow […]

Doing business in Mexico

U.S. News and World Report this week takes a look at small firms that do business in Mexico.  The article provides several ideas for business assistance, as well as these cultural tips: No doubt, face time is a must for potential exporters. “You really need to get a feel for what the environment is like,” Duncan says. […]

Face and Chinese relationships

Interesting story on relationships in China and how the concept of “face” turns up even in the selection of marriage partners. Chinese women like their male partner to emphasize the value of their “face.” This value is determined by society and many of its cultural practices relate to this concept.  For a woman her “face” […]

Spring, baseball and culture

Well, here goes. How does one start a new blog? What is an appropriate first entry? The first day of spring seems like a good time to launch a new venture, and the advent of baseball season is a sure sign of spring, so why not begin with a post about baseball and culture? Jayson Stark […]

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