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What are the world’s most beautiful drives?

amalfi coast

There is no shortage of contenders in this category, as there are countless jaw-droppingly beautiful drives in the world. But the website GotSaga recently took a shot at coming up with a list of some of the world’s most beautiful roads.

Great American road trip adventures

Americans love road trips. They love taking them and they often enjoy reading about them, as well. But what are the best U.S. road trip books ever written? Smithsonian magazine took a stab at that question and came up with a list of 11 titles, which are featured in a recent article. Here is an […]

On the American road with Paul Theroux

Are you a fan of the American travel writer Paul Theroux? Do you like road trips? Then you may appreciate this article from Smithsonian Magazine, written by Theroux and titled “Taking the Great American Road Trip.” Theroux writes about taking a cross-country road trip recently for the first time in his life, which is somewhat surprising for […]

Drives of a lifetime

What are the most spectacular drives in the world? National Geographic Traveler seems to enjoy taking a spin around this topic and they just came out with another feature that covers some of “the world’s greatest scenic routes.” Here are just a few of their choices: Amalfi Coast, Italy– The Costiera Amalfitana, or Amalfi Coast, […]

The American road trip

The American road trip is a classic journey. Many is the person who has either completed or dreamed of a drive across the United States. The latest such individual is Matt Gross, who reported on his cross-country driving adventures for the NY Times. Here is an excerpt from the tail end of his journey: “Nothing but […]

Road tripping

The American road trip has long been a rite of passage for travelers, though for many people this journey may not strike the same romantic chord that it once did. World Hum, though, recently suggested that we may actually be in the midst of a new golden age of the cross-country road trip. The 1940s and 1950s are generally considered […]

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