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Iconic American homes

If you enjoy architecture or historic homes, then you’ll appreciate this recent feature on HGTV’s FrontDoor website about 10 of the most iconic homes in the United States. Sure, the White House is there, but so are homes designed by Thomas Jefferson and Frank Lloyd Wright and such entertainer mansions as Graceland and Neverland. Here […]

Civil rights and African American history sites for MLK Day

Today is a holiday in the United States – Martin Luther King Day, which celebrates the life and legacy of the great civil rights leader, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 and was assassinated in 1968. It’s a good time to explore some of the historic sites that were key to King’s life, to this country’s civil […]

Getting to know North Korea

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel to North Korea, one of the world’s most isolated and closed-off countries? If you’d like a glimpse into North Korean life, you should read the story that Dean Owen wrote for the LA Times about his recent experiences traveling in that country. Visiting North […]

Life and music in Senegal

West Africa is not a heavily touristed place. It’s also not the first region that comes to mind when one contemplates great musical destinations. And yet there is a thriving music scene in Senegal, and especially in the capital city of Dakar, that would appeal to any musically inclined traveler. The NY Times just ran […]

Fascinating local markets around the world

I love to wander through local markets in different countries. I enjoy the colors and smells and sounds, but most of all the window they provide into a different culture. The foods people eat, the products they shop for, the clothing they wear, the way they haggle (or don’t haggle) over prices. So I loved […]

Movies and travel are a great mix

You’ve seen The Lord of the Rings and dreamed of traveling to New Zealand, where many of the amazingly beautiful scenes were filmed. You’ve sung along with Meryl Streep during Mamma Mia and wondered what achingly beautiful Greek island was the setting for that movie. Yes, movies can be a great boost to a region’s tourist industry, and a […]

Who needs oceans when there are so many great lakes?

Nearly everyone enjoys a trip to the ocean. The sound of the surf, the smell of the salt air, the view stretching out to the horizon. But the ocean isn’t the only place one can enjoy a water vacation. There are lakes, as well. And the Brilliant Trips website ran an interesting feature a while back on some of […]

Best North American cities for music lovers

Recently, I showed you a road trip that delved into the roots of American music, with destinations connected to the birth of jazz, blues, soul, bluegrass, country and rock ‘n roll. But what about contemporary music? What are the best cities in North America today for music lovers? The Society of American Travel Writers recently […]

The world’s best stargazing destinations

It’s one of the most sublime sights in nature: a dark sky filled with thousands of glittering stars. Our ancestors were well acquainted with this spectacle, and most nights they could even gaze up to see a gallery of shooting stars and a visible Milky Way galaxy. Today, unfortunately, light pollution in populated areas tends […]

Best ways to experience a sunrise or sunset

Where in the world would you go to see the most spectacular sunset or sunrise? Better yet, where could you have an incredible travel experience while at the same time watching the sun rise or set in the sky? I just published an article on Matador Trips that reviews eight of the best places in […]

Consider the Pacific islands as a travel destination

You’re gearing up to do some extensive traveling. You’ve got the time and the money. Where to go? Europe, Asia, Latin America? What about the islands of the Pacific? It’s a region that many people never really consider, but Gary Arndt wasn’t one of them. As he explains in a recent story he wrote for Indie Travel […]

Cathedrals, monasteries and other sacred destinations

Some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world are religious sites. But you don’t have to be a pilgrim or a spiritual seeker in order to appreciate a sacred place. I’ve recently come across several articles that approach religious tourism from a variety of angles. Take a look. For starters, the world’s most visited religious destinations. […]

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