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Yes, botanical gardens in the desert

It’s difficult to shake the popular image of the desert as a barren, lifeless place, coated in sand and scorched by an unrelenting sun. Well, perhaps the part about the sun is true, at least during the summer months, but the desert of the American Southwest actually abounds with a surprising variety of plant life. […]

What would be your favorite time traveling destinations?

Now, here is a topic to get you thinking. We all have our list of dream travel destinations, of course. But those destinations all exist today, in the 21st century. What if you could time travel? That would open up a whole slew of other travel options, now wouldn’t it? Turner Wright came up with […]

Cities built on the edge of a cliff

If you were founding a new city today, it’s unlikely you’d choose to situate it on the edge of a cliff, would you? But some of the most stunning and unusual towns in the world actually do peer over the side of a rock wall. The website SpotCoolStuff recently profiled five such towns around the […]

African travel wonders

Here is a slightly older but intriguing piece that I recently came across: Africa’s top 10 travel wonders. You can guess some of the spots on the list – the Egyptian pyramids, the Nile River, the East African wildlife. But there is much, much more to see in Africa, despite the fact that the continent […]

Exotic Marrakesh

Marrakesh. The name conjures up images of winding souks, ancient palaces, desert winds, and perhaps even a snake charmer or two. It’s an exotic destination, even more so when you’re visiting with your 11- and 12-year-old children. That’s what Jennifer Conlin and her husband did recently, and their experience is beautifully recounted in this travel article. […]

Seeing Vietnam with children

Most people would consider Vietnam a difficult enough country to visit on one’s own, never mind with 10- and 7-year-old children. But Cathryn Prince and her husband did just that, and she wrote about the experience for the Christian Science Monitor. When I told friends that my husband and I planned to travel to Vietnam […]

Travels in Israel

Are you interested in Israel? The Los Angeles Times just published a three-part travel series on the country, with articles on Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and the Sea of Galilee. Here is an excerpt from the piece on Galilee. After spending a few days in Tel Aviv, I rented a car and set out with my […]

The must-see city of Cusco

Is Cusco, Peru, a must-see destination? Simon Calder thinks so, and he explains why in this story for the U.K. Independent. When asked the same question: where is the essential stop on a 21st-century Grand Tour? I surprised myself by answering without a second thought, “Cusco”. Marketing folk expend much time dreaming up slogans for […]

Backpacking Africa

Sure, you can go backpacking in Europe, or Southeast Asia, or Australia and New Zealand. But if you really want an adventure, what about wandering around part of Africa for a while? It’s not for everyone and it’s a more difficult form of travel, especially since the tourist infrastructure is not as well developed, but there are […]

The wonders of Ladakh

Ladakh is a fascinating place. A Tibetan Buddhist culture in northern India, it has more in common with such neighbors as Bhutan and Nepal than it does with the country to which it belongs. David Desjardins and his family recently discovered that the Ladakhi landscape is also spectacular and the people are friendly and welcoming. […]

Exploring Mexico

Mexico seems to have caught the attention of the New York Times. In the past week, the newspaper has published two in-depth feature stories about the country. Luckily, this enables us to vicariously explore two distinct regions of that nation. First, the travel section published a story on travel in Chiapas as part of its […]

Captivated by Lamu

For most Westerners, any mention of Kenya as a tourist destination will spark images of safaris. But for those who know of Lamu, Kenya is a very different place. A small island off the Kenyan coast, Lamu contains a quaint old town and miles of deserted beaches that have enchanted many a traveler. In this article, Sophie Lam writes of […]

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