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Many sides of Bolivia

Bolivia is a fascinating nation – one of the highest altitude countries in the world and a place where past and present co-exist in various interesting ways. That’s what Patrick Symmes discovered during a recent visit, which he wrote about for the NY Times travel magazine. Bolivia is the poorest and highest country in South […]

The medieval magic of Fes

The city of Fes, Morocco, has enchanted many a traveler. Tahir Shah was spellbound by the medieval magic of Fes and wrote about the city for the U.K. Guardian. Walk through the bustle of Fes’s medina and it’s impossible not to be catapulted back in time. It is as if the old city is on a […]

Discovering Eritrea

Eritrea is not a well-touristed place, nor even a very well known country. But Jeffrey Gettleman went there recently with his wife and found it to be a rather interesting destination, with a taste of old Italy mixed with Africa. He wrote about his trip for the NY Times. Eritrea, for better and for worse, is […]

The Indonesian wonder of the world

One of the most impressive but least known sites in the world is the Indonesian monument of Borobudur. The Wall Street Journal recently reported on this stunning edifice, which is considered the largest Buddhist monument in existence. Making lists of the world’s most impressive monuments is an irrational and ultimately pointless enterprise: Who has seen all […]

Ancient civilizations in the American Midwest

When one thinks of ancient civilizations in the Americas, it tends to be of those societies that left behind spectacular ruins. The Incas of Peru, the Mayans of Mexico and Central America, or even the Pueblo people of the U.S. Southwest who built the cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde. Not many minds conjure up images […]

Beautiful, desolate Namibia

The southwestern African country of Namibia may not be well-known as a tourist destination, but travelers who have been there often return home raving about the desolate beauty of the place. Elinor Burkett is one of those travelers and she wrote about her Namibian experiences for a recent NY Times story. As the first rays of the sun […]

Laotian charms in Luang Prabang

The Southeast Asian nation of Laos is still a fairly untraveled destination, especially compared to its neighbor, Thailand. But the word is getting out about the charms of the Laotian town of Luang Prabang. Gayle Keck went there recently with her husband and wrote about their experiences for the Washington Post. Strangers talk to one another […]

The paradoxes of Tel Aviv and Israel

There was an interesting recent article about Tel Aviv in the New York Times travel section. It’s interesting because it not only gives the typical tourist overview of a destination, but it gets into the culture and the psyche of Tel Aviv and Israel. An excerpt: Tel Aviv is “half Iran, half California; it’s a synagogue […]

In Iran with Rick Steves

Rick Steves became famous for his European travel advice, but he recently journeyed to Iran in order to produce a documentary about that country and its people. A photo essay about the trip was then published in Yes! magazine. The experience was described by Abdi Sami, who accompanied Rick on his travels. Over the years, […]

Resurgent Lisbon

The Portuguese city of Lisbon has often been an afterthought when considering the great capitals of Europe, but that seems to be changing. Lisbon is getting increasingly good press of late, culminating in this nice profile in the travel section of Sunday NY Times, which focuses on the city’s vibrant arts scene. After all, this wasn’t […]

Hidden paradise in Mexico

Everyone knows about the Cancuns and Cabos of coastal Mexico. But there are still a few small Mexican villages strung along the country’s coastline where in-the-know travelers go to find a quiet slice of paradise. One of these places is the Baja town of Mulege, which Meredith May recently visited. She wrote about her experiences for […]

Biking Vietnam

It’s not a vacation for the faint of heart, given the chaotic vagaries of Vietnamese traffic, but Margo Pfeiff had an exhilarating time during a biking tour of Vietnam. She wrote about her experiences for the San Francisco Chronicle. Sucking in a deep breath, I launch myself into one of the most exhilarating and terrifying adrenaline […]

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