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Travels in Turkey

There are a lot of issues simmering these days in Turkey, from negotiations to join the European Union, to agitations by the Kurds for more autonomy, to a debate about democracy between secular and Islamist parties. None of that lessens the allure of the country as a travel destination, however. Tom Haines, travel writer for […]

Experiencing the Ganges River

There was a five-part series on NPR recently in which a reporter delved into Indian life by traveling the length of the Ganges River. The waterway, which is considered holy by Hindus, extends more than 1,500 miles from the Himalaya Mountains to the edge of Bangladesh and cuts across a long swath of northern India. The […]

Italy’s stunning Amalfi coast

Italy’s Amalfi coast is a stunning series of cliffside villages. When Nicole Cotroneo recently decided to spend a week there, she chose to rent a villa in the small town of Praiano. She did get more exercise than she bargained for, since the town has a vertical landscape connected by staircases, but she also felt more a […]

The enchantment of Fez, Morocco

There is a nice travel story in the NY Times about Fez, Morocco. It describes this 1,200-year-old city as the soul of the country. … this mazelike city of minarets, shrouded figures and forgotten passages can seem impossible to decipher – yet tinged with a deep enchantment. “It’s a mysterious place,” said Abdelfettah Seffar, a […]

Tranquility in Kerala, India

Where does one go for tranquility in India? Some would say it’s not possible, but John Flinn found Kerala, on the country’s southwestern coast, to be an idyllic spot. He wrote about it for the San Francisco Chronicle. Traders still come for the spices — when the wind is right a hint of nutmeg, cinnamon, […]

Discovering Victoria Falls

Michael Joseph Gross loves waterfalls. So when he heard that a group was planning a short hiking expedition to Victoria Falls in honor of the 150th anniversary of its discovery by the Scottish explorer David Livingstone, he had to go. Later, he wrote about his experiences on the Zambia-Zimbabwe border in this travel article. On […]

Cycling the Silk Road

There is an interesting sequence of travel articles online at, written as a series of dispatches from a bicycle trip that three friends embarked on across Central Asia.  In the first story, Greg Grim described the goal of their journey: Last spring, I flew from Washington, D.C., along with two college friends, to Istanbul, […]

The emergence of Phnom Penh

Wedged between Thailand and Vietnam, Cambodia doesn’t always get a lot of attention as a Southeast Asia hot spot.  And when it does, the coverage tends to center on the spectacular, thousand-year-old temples of Angkor Wat.  However, as the International Herald Tribune recently reported, the capital city of Phnom Penh now seems to be gaining ground […]

Savoring a Kenyan sunset

In a nice essay for the Christian Science Monitor, Daniela Petrova talks about her quest to see the Big Five game animals while on safari in Kenya.  In the end, though, she passes up a chance to see a leopard in order to savor a sunset when she realizes that the pictures she sees with […]

Australia and other great train journeys

Trains are a great way to travel and there are many great rail journeys in the world.  One such trip cuts across central Australia, from Adelaide to Darwin.  Beverly Beyette recently took that 1,850-mile train ride and wrote about it for the Los Angeles Times. All told, the trip takes 48 hours, two full days of […]

Exploring Vietnam

Hope everyone enjoyed a nice holiday weekend.  Now that it’s a new year, it’s time for some people to consider new travel destinations. How about Vietnam?  David Abel wrote for the Boston Globe about his recent trip to Hanoi. There, he and his girlfriend explored the city… Merchants pack narrow sidewalks, hawking everything from socks and roses to […]

Tracing the steps of Abraham

The three major monotheistic religions that sprang from the Middle East – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – have been at the source of much division and conflict in the world.  What is sometimes forgotten, unfortunately, are the common roots of these three religions, such as their shared ancestry dating back to Abraham. The author Bruce […]

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