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Borat and the real Kazakhstan

The movie Borat, about a fictionalized journalist from Kazakhstan on a journey through America, has been the source of much laughter in movie theaters in recent weeks.  That is, when the same movie wasn’t causing horrified jaws to drop.  It has also caused a surge in interest in the actual country of Kazakhstan. USA Today recently ran a story […]

Buddhist tourism

Interested in knowing how a Buddhist monk lives?  Some Buddhist temples in South Korea are now allowing visitors to sample the lifestyle of an ordained monk through a program called Templestay Korea.  Catherine Price recently spent two days living the life of a monk and wrote about her experience for the NY Times. Meditation and […]

Standing at the edge of the world

Ushuaia, Argentina, bills itself as the southernmost city in the world.  It is virtually an island within an island, as it sits at the southern tip of Tierra del Fuego, trapped between the Andes Mountains and the sea.  The Pan-American highway ends (or begins) here, at the edge of the South American continent, just 600-700 miles […]

Journeying through Patagonia

I’ve been doing a bit of my own traveling the past couple of weeks.  Lisa and I have been meaning to explore more of South America and so we decided to take a bit of time to see part of Argentina.  It’s too big of a country to explore in one trip and so our […]

The 17,000 foot train ride

What’s it like to ride the world’s highest railway?  John Flinn of the San Francisco Chronicle recently reported on his experience aboard the Lhasa Express to Tibet.  He returned with some interesting stories. Strange things are starting to happen as the Lhasa Express chuffs across the rooftop of the world. Outside the double-glazed, UV-blocking windows, I […]

Discovering Ethiopia

Although it isn’t on many lists of popular travel destinations, Ethiopia offers an intriguing culture and some of the most spectacular sights in Africa, in particular the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela.  Joshua Hammer wrote an article for the New York Times about a recent visit to Ethiopia. In Ethiopia, the per capita income is $120 a year; tuberculosis and […]

Exploring silence and the past at a Greek monastery

Need a break from the relentless drumbeat of war stories filling the news these days?  There aren’t many places where one can totally disconnect from the world, but Mt. Athos is one of them.  This isolated Eastern Orthodox monastic community in Greece has no television, radio or newspapers.  It is also in an autonomous region of […]

Travels in rural Ghana

Ever wanted to know what it’s like to travel in rural Africa?  Joshua Berman and his wife are in the midst of a round-the-world journey and just spent two weeks visiting villages in northeastern Ghana.  He writes about their experiences on his blog, the tranquilo traveler: We returned to Accra last night, stiff and loopy after […]

Easter Island journeys

There is something both enchanting and sad about the ruins of lost cultures and cities.  Macchu Picchu in Peru, the temples of Angkor in Cambodia, the city of Ephesus in Turkey.  But even as we struggle to understand how these societies decayed with such finality after reaching such heights of achievement, it’s still hard not to marvel at these monuments […]

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