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One on one with Paul Theroux

Paul Theroux has, over the years, provided us with some wonderful literary accounts of his global travels. His latest venture, Ghost Train to the Eastern Star, actually retraces a trip from Europe to Asia that he wrote about in his 1975 book, The Great Railway Bazaar. He talked about these journeys and other topics recently in an interview […]

Lifestyle tips for anyone who wants to travel extensively

You want to do some extensive, long-term travel, but you just can’t imagine how to pay for it or manage it all. A couple of weeks ago, I referred you to an article by Nora Dunn on how to travel full time for surprisingly little money. Now we have more advice, this time from Dave Bouskill and Debra […]

10 things every traveler should do

Anyone who enjoys good travel writing has doubt become acquainted with the words of Pico Iyer. He’s written some wonderful books and essays about his journeys around the planet. And now he has penned a piece of travel advice for the website Real Simple. It is, appropriately enough, a simple and elegant listing of 10 things that […]

Travel full time for surprisingly little money

Actually, for less than $14,000 per year. That’s what Nora Dunn promises you can do. The self-styled professional hobo, she recently wrote an article on how to travel full time for a whole lot less money than you’d think it would cost. This is how she introduces herself: I “retired” from the rat race at […]

The secret to being a permanent tourist

Impossible you say? You need income, you need a home? Actually, there are a surprising number of people who live without the anchor of homes or jobs. They’ve found a way to essentially live on the road. Yes, to be a permanent tourist. Christopher Elliott, in his MSNBC travel column, recently profiled some of these individuals and provided a […]

Visit every country before you’re 35

That’s the goal, at least, that Chris Guillebeau has set for himself. So far he’s up to 107 countries and he’s 30-years-old. He was profiled yesterday by the NY Times. I had my first international travel experience when I was 6 years old. My mom took me to the Philippines, and I wound up living […]

More than one million couchsurfers in the world

It appears that couchsurfing is continuing to grow in popularity. The website that became a trendy mode of travel is now going mainstream. has passed the one million member milestone. Of course, as the Frugal Traveler points out, this growing popularity brings with it the danger that newcomers may not always be in it for […]

More travel thoughts from Pico Iyer

I’ve written about Pico Iyer a couple of times previously and he is one of the world’s more thoughtful and interesting travel writers. He recently gave an intriguing interview to Gadling that is worth reading. An excerpt: One quality I’ve always admired about your writing is your ability to tap into the personality of a country. What advice […]

Debating culture and tourism in Bali

It’s the eternal paradox of tourism. We travel to see exotic places and cultures, allegedly unspoiled by modern influences, and yet the very act of traveling there contributes to the despoiling of the native culture or the natural landscape. In an effort to investigate tourism’s impact on one of the world’s more unique cultures, John Bowe […]

Rick Steves – From Iran to Salon

Rick Steves may be famous for his European travel guides, but he’s also a huge proponent of going beyond the tourist trail and using travel as a means to learn about oneself and the world. He went to Iran a while back in order to produce a documentary about that country and recently caught up with […]

Seeing Vietnam with children

Most people would consider Vietnam a difficult enough country to visit on one’s own, never mind with 10- and 7-year-old children. But Cathryn Prince and her husband did just that, and she wrote about the experience for the Christian Science Monitor. When I told friends that my husband and I planned to travel to Vietnam […]

Experience is happiness

I love this blog post that was published recently on Vagabonding. It references a study on happiness which indicates that life experiences lead to greater happiness than do material possessions. Here is Scott Gilbertson’s take on the topic: According to a recent study, using money to achieve life experiences — like traveling — leads to greater […]

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