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Travel the world with these novels

novels about the world

If you like both reading and travel, then you’ll love this list I just came across of “100 novels that let you travel the world without leaving home.”

Great American road trip adventures

Americans love road trips. They love taking them and they often enjoy reading about them, as well. But what are the best U.S. road trip books ever written? Smithsonian magazine took a stab at that question and came up with a list of 11 titles, which are featured in a recent article. Here is an […]

On the American road with Paul Theroux

Are you a fan of the American travel writer Paul Theroux? Do you like road trips? Then you may appreciate this article from Smithsonian Magazine, written by Theroux and titled “Taking the Great American Road Trip.” Theroux writes about taking a cross-country road trip recently for the first time in his life, which is somewhat surprising for […]

Review of ‘Two Laps Around the World’

Many of you are no doubt familiar with the travel writing of Rolf Potts, and perhaps of his website Vagablogging. My travel memoir, Two Laps Around the World, was recently reviewed on Vagablogging by another writer. Here is an excerpt from the review: As a writer, Riel has a painter’s eye for the color and mood of life on […]

Insights on life and travel from Don George

Don George, to say the least, has done his share of traveling and writing. He has worked as a Travel Editor for the San Francisco Examiner & Chronicle,, and Lonely Planet Publications. Along the way, he’s traveled to more than 65 countries. Recently, when his daughter and son graduated from college and high school, respectively, he had the idea […]

One on one with Paul Theroux

Paul Theroux has, over the years, provided us with some wonderful literary accounts of his global travels. His latest venture, Ghost Train to the Eastern Star, actually retraces a trip from Europe to Asia that he wrote about in his 1975 book, The Great Railway Bazaar. He talked about these journeys and other topics recently in an interview […]

More travel thoughts from Pico Iyer

I’ve written about Pico Iyer a couple of times previously and he is one of the world’s more thoughtful and interesting travel writers. He recently gave an intriguing interview to Gadling that is worth reading. An excerpt: One quality I’ve always admired about your writing is your ability to tap into the personality of a country. What advice […]

Rick Steves – From Iran to Salon

Rick Steves may be famous for his European travel guides, but he’s also a huge proponent of going beyond the tourist trail and using travel as a means to learn about oneself and the world. He went to Iran a while back in order to produce a documentary about that country and recently caught up with […]

Four Seasons in Rome

I just finished reading a book called “Four Seasons in Rome,” by Anthony Doerr. One the surface, it’s the tale of a husband and wife who move to Rome for a year (for a writing fellowship) with their two children. The catch is that the children are twins and are only a few months old […]

The changing face of travel

There is an interesting and in-depth interview with travel writer Rolf Potts on World Hum. Potts covers a variety of topics and it’s worth checking out the entire piece, especially if you’re interested in travel writing. But here is a small excerpt from the interview about the transformation of travel in recent decades. What major changes have […]

Lost Girls on the road

Have you heard of the Lost Girls? They’re three twentysomething New York friends who left their jobs and hit the road together for a one-year journey around the world. Along the way, they blogged about the trip and are now back home working on a book about the experience. Sort of like Sex and the […]

Talking travel with Paul Theroux

In 1975, Paul Theroux published a bestselling travel memoir, The Great Railway Bazaar, about a train trip from Europe to Asia. In the years since he has become one of the world’s most successful and best known travel writers. He recently published a new book, Ghost Train to the Eastern Star, in which he retraces much of […]

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