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Meeting people, not places

Anyone who has traveled much has no doubt discovered that the best experiences on the road often result from encounters with people rather than places.  That point is emphasized again in a recent Washington Post story by travel writer Tahir Shah.  In an article about books that inspire wanderlust, Shah recounts a meeting he once had with the legendary […]

What is good travel writing?

In his ongoing collection of web interviews with travel writers, Rolf Potts this month features Tom Haines, a travel writer with the Boston Globe and the 2005 winner of the Travel Journalist of the Year award.  In the interview, Haines offers some opinions on what constitutes good travel writing: I believe good travel writing, as […]

Literary inspirations to travel

I was intrigued by a recent story in the NY Times about literature that inspires people to travel.  The newspaper polled authors for titles that have aroused their wanderlust. It got me to thinking about books I’ve read that fit into that category.  Not travel narratives, for they are meant to invoke dreams of the road, but other literature that makes one want to […]

Being a travel writer

Travel writer Rolf Potts has for several years now been running monthly interviews with fellow writers on his website.  This month’s segment is with Amanda Jones.  A sample: What is the biggest reward of life as a travel writer? I am one of the richest people I know in experience (with the exception of my […]

A new life in Morocco

“It’s my duty to give my children an interesting childhood.” So says Tahir Shah, a British writer who moved his wife and two children to Morocco, renovated a 10-bedroom mansion, began a new life, and then wrote a book (The Caliph’s House) about the whole experience.  The New York Times profiled Shah and his new […]

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