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Seven magnificant stargazing destinations


Stargazing is something we do every day, almost without thinking about it, and yet it’s also one of the most transcendent experiences in the world, an activity that enables us to gaze into the reaches of space and the wonders of the universe. Here are seven of the world’s most magnificent stargazing destinations.

Seven intriguing attractions for baseball fans

Field of Dreams site

If you’re a baseball aficionado, it might be time to explore the sport at a few intriguing but under-the-radar destinations. Here are seven less well-known places where you can experience the history and wonder of baseball.

Seven ancient Indian ruins in Mexico


The Americas are strewn with the ruins of ancient Indian civilizations. Here are seven Indian ruins in Mexico worth visiting.

Seven space-themed museums

Space Shuttle Challenger

If you’re fascinated by space travel, then it may be time for you to explore some of these intriguing space-related destinations that are scattered across the United States.

Seven travel-worthy independent bookstores

Elliott Bay Books in Seattle

Do you love bookstores? Do you enjoy wandering the aisles, fingering the titles that line the shelves, breathing in the scent of new books, and looking for unfamiliar treasures? Then you’ll enjoy this look at some of America’s most interesting independent bookstores.

Seven stunning fall foliage drives

Vermont fall foliage

October is peak leaf-peeping season. It’s when the maple trees of New England burst into color, the aspens of Colorado turn the Rockies golden, and hordes of camera-toting tourists swarm the back roads of popular foliage locations from North Carolina to Oregon. Here are seven stunning fall foliage drives for you to enjoy.

Seven fantastic sunrise and sunset experiences

Phnom Bakheng temple sunset

Notice that the title of this piece is not “seven fantastic places to see a sunrise and sunset.” That’s because you can see the sun rise and set in countless beautiful locations around the globe. But where is it that you can have the most extraordinary experiences with a sunset or sunrise?

Seven great U.S. hiking trails – in the middle of the city

Central Park

There is no shortage of great hiking trails in North America, from day strolls along coastlines to extended treks through mountain paths. But what many people don’t consider are the equally remarkable walking trails that exist within cities.

Seven awe-inspiring walks

Uluru Australia

You don’t have to tackle the Inca Trail or Mt. Kilimanjaro in order to enjoy a hike through some magnificent landscapes. Here are seven awe-inspiring walks that can each be completed in a few hours.

Seven favorite cafe cities

tango dancers at a Buenos Aires cafe

There is something to be said for the cafe culture that has developed over decades or centuries in some other countries, so here is a compilation of my favorite international cafe cities.

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