Road Trips

Road trips are a popular way for Americans to travel and it’s a great way to get to know the country. However, you don’t have to stick to the traditional routes. There’s nothing wrong with doing a grand tour of national parks or following a famous road, but it’s also possible to go beyond the traditional routes and to craft almost any type of themed journey that your mind can imagine. With that premise in mind, I’ve created a series of articles about themed road trips in North America that enable you to focus on various aspects of American culture, history and landscape.


Life Sabbaticals

Although most people associate sabbaticals with the academic world, it has become a more common activity among the population in general, with individuals taking anywhere from a month to a year away from work. Extended time off from a job enables one to return to work with new enthusiasm, added confidence or more varied knowledge and interests. In some cases, it gives individuals a chance to redefine themselves. Here is an overview of life sabbaticals, as well as a few ideas and resources to get you going.


Round-the-World Travel

Do you know that list you keep in your drawer of dream destinations around the world? Can you imagine visiting several of them during a single trip? Lots of people fantasize about a journey like this, but few follow through and make it a reality. You can. Believe it or not, a round-the-world trip is both easier to plan and easier on the budget than you might have imagined. Here is some information and resources to get you started.

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