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Riel World photo – Shaba Reserve, Kenya


During an early morning game drive in Kenya we spotted a solitary giraffe, shortly after dawn, nibbling leaves for breakfast.

Pink flamingos in Kenya

Lake Nakuru flamingos

We stood there for long minutes on the edge of the lake, thousands of pink flamingos forming a dreamlike picture in front of us, and we breathed in the sweet smell of rain on a warm African afternoon.

Poetry of travel: Dawn in Kenya

Kenya landscape

I stand outside at daybreak as a frosty breeze dances through the Masai Mara National Reserve. Steam rises from my mug and slowly melts away into a misty violet-colored dawn.

Riel World photo – Masai village, Kenya

Masai tribesmen

A group of Masai tribesmen near their homes in southwestern Kenya.

Driving through Namibia

Namib Desert

Although Namibia is not a country that gets a lot of tourist press, it’s one of the more developed countries in Africa in terms of infrastructure and it not only has tribal cultures and wildlife sightings for tourists, but also coastal towns, desert landscapes and some of the most stunning sand dunes in the world. Barney Lyons just wrote an article for BootsnAll about a driving tour of Namibia.

Life and music in Senegal

West Africa is not a heavily touristed place. It’s also not the first region that comes to mind when one contemplates great musical destinations. And yet there is a thriving music scene in Senegal, and especially in the capital city of Dakar, that would appeal to any musically inclined traveler. The NY Times just ran […]

African travel wonders

Here is a slightly older but intriguing piece that I recently came across: Africa’s top 10 travel wonders. You can guess some of the spots on the list – the Egyptian pyramids, the Nile River, the East African wildlife. But there is much, much more to see in Africa, despite the fact that the continent […]

Backpacking Africa

Sure, you can go backpacking in Europe, or Southeast Asia, or Australia and New Zealand. But if you really want an adventure, what about wandering around part of Africa for a while? It’s not for everyone and it’s a more difficult form of travel, especially since the tourist infrastructure is not as well developed, but there are […]

Captivated by Lamu

For most Westerners, any mention of Kenya as a tourist destination will spark images of safaris. But for those who know of Lamu, Kenya is a very different place. A small island off the Kenyan coast, Lamu contains a quaint old town and miles of deserted beaches that have enchanted many a traveler. In this article, Sophie Lam writes of […]

Discovering Eritrea

Eritrea is not a well-touristed place, nor even a very well known country. But Jeffrey Gettleman went there recently with his wife and found it to be a rather interesting destination, with a taste of old Italy mixed with Africa. He wrote about his trip for the NY Times. Eritrea, for better and for worse, is […]

Riel World photo – Masai Mara, Kenya


Masai Mara, Kenya I took this photo while on safari in Kenya, in the Masai Mara game reserve. It was the afternoon of the last day of our journey and it was the first time we had gotten this close to a lion. Safari sightings are often as much about luck as anything else. This […]

Beautiful, desolate Namibia

The southwestern African country of Namibia may not be well-known as a tourist destination, but travelers who have been there often return home raving about the desolate beauty of the place. Elinor Burkett is one of those travelers and she wrote about her Namibian experiences for a recent NY Times story. As the first rays of the sun […]

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