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Seven intriguing attractions for baseball fans

Field of Dreams site

If you’re a baseball aficionado, it might be time to explore the sport at a few intriguing but under-the-radar destinations. Here are seven less well-known places where you can experience the history and wonder of baseball.

The ultimate baseball road trip

The summer road trip season is in full swing in the United States. So is baseball season. This is, therefore, a great time to combine these two American passions and plan a baseball road trip. Not just a jaunt to see a few games and stadiums, but a journey that enables you to explore the history of the sport […]

American baseball in Japan

Baseball season begins today, with a season-opening game in Tokyo between the Boston Red Sox and the Oakland Athletics. For American fans of these teams, the season begins at the ungodly hour of somewhere between 3 a.m. (West coast) and 6 a.m. (East coast). Still, it’s always an exciting day for fans, and the Japanese twist […]

Baseball, poetry and Nicaragua

I came across an interesting recent blog entry on Blog Critics Magazine in which Terence Clarke reminisced about a two-decade-old journey to Nicaragua and what he learned about that country and its love affair with baseball. “Baseball is a poem,” my companion said. I looked out the bus window….My companion’s sentiment was similar to one […]

Baseball goes international

It’s opening day for baseball season in the United States. Every newspaper just did some form of a preseason preview and a few of them used the occasion to discuss the internationalization of baseball, particularly with more Japanese players now joining a large contingent of Latin Americans on team rosters. The Hartfourd Courant looked at the […]

Japanese respect comes to American baseball

The Japanese are known to have a polite and respectful culture. When two people bow in greeting, the younger or lower ranking individual traditionally bows lower. This week, even the world of American baseball glimpsed an example of this formality. I was amused to see this Boston Globe article, which describes the first on-field meeting between Yankees […]

Japanese culture and U.S. baseball madness

Well, I wrote about a Japanese topic yesterday, but it’s hard not to post about the surge of interest in Daisuke Matsuzaka.  In case you haven’t heard, this Japanese baseball star agreed to a contract yesterday with the Boston Red Sox and a recent search at Google News turned up nearly 2,000 media articles about the signing.  This […]

Baseball in Japan

Ever wondered what baseball games are like in Japan?  Bob Woods has the story in an account he wrote for Continental Magazine. He writes about both the cultural features of the sport… Although the first pitch was scheduled for 1 p.m., the Fighters and the visiting Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles had been warming up since […]

Spring, baseball and culture

Well, here goes. How does one start a new blog? What is an appropriate first entry? The first day of spring seems like a good time to launch a new venture, and the advent of baseball season is a sure sign of spring, so why not begin with a post about baseball and culture? Jayson Stark […]

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