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Athenians, buses and automobiles

Acropolis in Athens

The landscape of greater Athens may have been somewhat drab but no one could accuse the Greek drivers of being anything but colorful.

Poetry of travel: Snow and sunshine in the Alps

Gornergrat railway Zermatt

A trip that began in springtime ends amidst a wintery panorama of Alpine peaks. We disembark and stagger into a world that is entirely, mesmerizingly white.

Ferry adventures on the Red Sea

Aqaba, Jordan

Sometimes travel is a dazzling collage of sights and wonders, and sometimes it’s an exhausting, sigh-inducing day of trying to get from one place to another. If you’re lucky enough to be traveling, though, then even the sigh-inducing moments can be memorable.

Seven stunning fall foliage drives

Vermont fall foliage

October is peak leaf-peeping season. It’s when the maple trees of New England burst into color, the aspens of Colorado turn the Rockies golden, and hordes of camera-toting tourists swarm the back roads of popular foliage locations from North Carolina to Oregon. Here are seven stunning fall foliage drives for you to enjoy.

Two woman and their luggage in Jerusalem

Jerusalem skyline

What happens when you take an American female traveler, an elderly nun and a taxi filled with luggage, and throw them into the middle of a gay pride parade in Jerusalem?

Praying while crossing the street in Vietnam

Hanoi street traffic

There we were, standing on a corner in Hanoi, trying to gather courage to cross the street. It was our first day in Vietnam and it didn’t take long to discover that crossing a street in that country was not the simple exercise we were accustomed to at home.

Great train journeys

Great train journeys

Train journeys are one of the great ways to travel. National Geographic Traveler recently published lists of their favorite train journeys in Europe and North America, and there are some wonderful selections to consider for your next adventure.

Riel World photo – Hanoi, Vietnam

hanoi traffic

A typical traffic scene in Hanoi, Vietnam – a non-stop flow of vehicles, especially motorbikes.

What are the world’s most beautiful drives?

amalfi coast

There is no shortage of contenders in this category, as there are countless jaw-droppingly beautiful drives in the world. But the website GotSaga recently took a shot at coming up with a list of some of the world’s most beautiful roads.

Explore Australia by train

Sydney Australia

Australia is a vast land and a two-week vacation just doesn’t cut it if you’re intent on truly experiencing the place. But a few months during a career break? Now you’re talking. And if you have the time, it’d be a shame to fly from destination to destination and miss the true majesty of the continent. Luckily, Australia has an excellent train system and some of the most famous and breathtaking rail journeys in the world.

Australia and other great train journeys

Trains are a great way to travel and there are many great rail journeys in the world.  One such trip cuts across central Australia, from Adelaide to Darwin.  Beverly Beyette recently took that 1,850-mile train ride and wrote about it for the Los Angeles Times. All told, the trip takes 48 hours, two full days of […]

The 17,000 foot train ride

What’s it like to ride the world’s highest railway?  John Flinn of the San Francisco Chronicle recently reported on his experience aboard the Lhasa Express to Tibet.  He returned with some interesting stories. Strange things are starting to happen as the Lhasa Express chuffs across the rooftop of the world. Outside the double-glazed, UV-blocking windows, I […]

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